JR & CM Punk Have Exchange On Twitter, SmackDown! Live Show DVR Alert

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For those of you who want to DVR tomorrow’s live edition of SmackDown!, you’ll have to record the show as the show is listed as Super SmackDown! rather than its usual name. That may not be the case for everyone, but I had to do it with DirecTV.

Jim Ross and CM Punk had an exchange on Twitter over the weekend after the former WWE Champion wrote, “Driving through Toad Suck Arkansas, for all y’all that think my life is glamorous.” Ross replied, “Do you think that you’re the only rassler to make the drive from Little Rock to Tulsa? Try it every week for $25-40. See u Monday.” Punk’s response? “No, but I do think I’m the only wrestler left that still would do it every week for thirty bucks. Sauce it.”

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