JR Comments On WWE’s Cryptic 1/2/12 Vignettes, Bryan’s World Title Win, CM Punk

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the blog section of his website JRsBarBQ.com where Ross talks about Daniel Bryan’s World Title win, CM Punk becoming the face of WWE, and the 1/2/12 cryptic vignettes. Below are some highlights:

Ross on Daniel Bryan’s World Title win: “Proud to see Daniel Bryan make it to the top of the card as the new, World Heavyweight Champion. Those that knock Bryan for his lack of size generally don’t understand athletics especially MMA. I like that Daniel Bryan breaks the old mold, by and large, and he provides something/someone new for which the fans to emotionally invest. Bryan will be an effective fan favorite and someday, down the road, will be an outstanding wrestling villain.”

Ross on CM Punk being the face of WWE: “Based on WWE TLC PPV and Monday’s Raw from Philly, it certainly seems as if CM Punk has become the newest ‘face’ of WWE. No, John Cena hasn’t disappeared and Cena will still face The Rock at WM28 in the longest promoted and, arguably, the biggest Wrestlemania main event ever but Punk has been positioned to be the leader of a transitioning roster of young, WWE Superstars, many of who are ‘this close’ to taking the much needed step to the next level.”

Ross on the cryptic 1/2/12 vignettes: “I have no firm idea on who these well produced/written vignettes are for but I have my suspicions. Again, if I truly knew, why would I spoil the surprise? Doing these types of vignettes always builds anticipation in a big way with many fans which is why I think that they should be used more frequently. “