Kane Returns To WWE Wearing His Mask Again (Photos)

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During tonight’s main event on RAW featuring John Cena and Mark Henry, Kane returned to the company donning a brand new mask. Kane’s return has been promoted on television for weeks now that often featured his old mask that he wore prior to taking it off in 2003.

His return featured his trademark pyro hitting the arena and then comming out to the ring and gave John Cena a chokeslam. He then took off the welder-like mask that he came out with to reveal a new mask that was underneath, which was very similar to the one he wore before he took it off over eight years ago. At first, many doubted that it was the real Glenn Jacobs (the man that plays Kane) because of the long hair that he had, but upon a zoom in by the camera, the trademark glass eye and crooked smile seemed to all but confirm that it was indeed Jacobs with perhaps a wig on under the mask.

Kane has been out of action since July at the hands of Mark Henry, who “injured” him in storyline terms. WWE reported at the time that Kane suffered a “fractured tribula” and would be out of action for 3-4 months. His return comes as a surprise to many as he wasn’t expected to return to the company until next year around the Royal Rumble.

Below are a few photos of the mask he came out with and the mask that was underneath: