Kevin Nash ‘Fired’ From WWE, What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air

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Tyler sent in the following notes about what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on RAW last night: After the eight-man match ended on RAW last night, Alberto Del Rio was chased away by John Cena. CM Punk’s music hit and he came down to mess with Ricardo Rodriguez. Punk brought Ricardo in the ring and was joined by Cena. They gave him the thumbs down and an Attitude Adjustment. Cena and Punk stared each other down. Cena extended his hand for Punk to shake. Finally, Punk shook Cena’s hand and raised each others arms. They both met fans at ringside and signed autographs to end the show.

To play off the storyline that Kevin Nash was “fired” by Triple H last night on RAW, his bio has been removed from the official WWE website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t really say that Kevin Nash is really fired from the WWE. Just remember. This is the way to keep the storyline going.

    Look for Kevin Nash get involved in that Anything goes match at Night of Champions between CM Punk vs Triple H

    There are still talks about having Kevin Nash vs CM Punk in the near future. so stay tuned

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