Kevin Nash Says He’s Not Returning To TNA, Bischoff Pokes Fun Of Fans

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– Eric Bischoff posted the following on his Twitter page, once again poking fun of the Internet Wrestling Community as well as some respected journalists: “Seriously…I get why most people think wresting fans are morons. The dumbest 10% make 90% of the noise and create the perception. Congrats to the challenged few that keep the image alive! While you may never amount to much, at least you have a village. Wade Keller can be the mayor of the Village of Idiots, and when Dave Sherer finds his penis under 50 pounds of fat he can be Barney Fife! FYI: I have enough money, enough success OUTSIDE OF WRESTLING that I dont give 2 sh*ts if I offend ‘wrestling fans.’ Im not bickering, I am on a plane with nothing else to do but entertain myself with this tripe.”

– Kevin Nash posted the following on Twitter in response to a report that he had signed a new contract with the company: “I promise you I’m not signed. I’m retired, Jackass. Check your sources. Don’t hold your breath! Not going back to tna. I’m retired. Wasn’t it leaked from tna office that I signed a month ago and I wasn’t? I’ll be at HBK’s hof, if I’m not shooting a film in Costa Rica for 2 months. If I’m at the hof, I’ll be at Mania.”

As we reported previously here at, TNA is in the process of bringing back the Main Event Mafia and the company really wanted Nash to be part of it. It remains to be seen, however, if Nash is working the Internet fans or not.

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