Kharma Breaks WWE Character, Announces She’s Pregnant

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During tonight’s WWE RAW broadcast on USA Network, Kharma (formerly named Awesome Kong in TNA Wrestling) announced that she was pregnant on-air, which surprised a lot of people considering that it didn’t seem like her character she has been portraying on television for nearly a month. In a twist, Kharma — who has attacked both babyface and heel Divas as of late — turned babyface with her promo inside the ring while the heel Bella Twins came out and insulted her, possibly setting a match between Kharma and the Bellas when she returns. WWE is already receiving praise from fans on Twitter and Facebook for allowing her the opportunity to announce the pregnancy live on the air instead of going another route until she returned.

Below are the results of the segment:

Back from the break and Kharma is in the ring. She says she’s had two dreams since she was a kid – one, become a WWE Superstar. Everyone told her it was impossible. She says she even went out for season 2 of Tough Enough and was told by Jim Ross that she was too fat to ever be a WWE Diva. Kharma says she took his words and took the advice to Japan where she scrubbed floors of dojos in exchange for training to become a wrestling master. Kharma says she moved on to every wrestling promotion until finally, her dream became true and she came to WWE this year. She says her other dream is a little bit more personal. She has always wanted to be a mother. Kharma announces she is currently pregnant and it’s a high-risk pregnancy so she can’t compete or do anything physical. Kharma says she will be back and thanks the fans for letting her share her dream. Kharma says she will be back again. The Bella Twins music hits and out they come to the stage.

They mock Kharma for being pregnant and pick on her size, saying she’s not Diva material.They enter the ring, still talking trash, and asks her if it bugs her that she can’t beat them up because of doctors orders. They ask her if the baby has ears yet and start to tell the baby a joke about Kharma being fat. She charges them but stops. She says in one year when she comes back, she hopes they are still here because now, she has a new dream. Kharma’s music hits and she leaves, stopping to stare at the Bellas from the ramp.

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