Kharma Officially Makes WWE Debut At Extreme Rules (PHOTOS)

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Michelle McCool will be taking some time off from WWE after losing her “Loser Leaves WWE” match against Layla at tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. After the match, the former Awesome Kong made her WWE debut as Kharma. Kharma laid out McCool with the Implant Buster before making her exit. Below is a recap of her debut tonight:

After the match, Layla and McCool start crying. Layla heads up the ramp as McCool just sits in the ring. We come back from replays and McCool is still crying as the fans sing her goodbye. Music hits and a woman starts laughing. The video starts playing and it’s Kharma. The former Awesome Kong comes out to the stage as McCool looks on from the ring. Kharma marches her way to the ring. Kong stares at McCool as she slowly climbs in. McCool tries to run but Kong grabs her. Kong drops McCool with the Implant Buster and laughs like a maniac. Kong goes from laughing to looking serious as her music plays. We see the Divas backstage watching what happened on a TV. Kharma exits the ring and stares at McCool.

SIX PHOTOS: Awesome Kong (Kharma) makes WWE debut at Extreme Rules, destroys Michelle McCool

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