Kurt Angle Announces He’s Starting To Train For London’s Olympic 2012 Games

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Top TNA Superstar Kurt Angle has taken to Twitter as of late and has revealed his upcoming plans in the immediate future. The former WWE star has noted, after revealing initial details a few weeks ago, that he and his nephew have begun training to take part in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. “[There’s] much negativity going around [regarding a] Olympic comeback,” he said. “I truly am getting ready [for it]. Don’t compare it to UFC and MMA M attempts [as we] couldn’t agree on ‘terms’ back then –Terms that were about money and starting dates. [The] Olympics will be on My ‘terms’ — Nobody elses’. It’s not for publicity or I would tweet [about] it everyday”

He continued, “To the naysayers, believe what you want, but ‘I’ am in control of this. Nobody else. My nephew and I started training for it. As long as I stay injury free, I am going for it. [TNA Wrestling]’s backing me. It won’t be easy; probably harder than MMA, but at least its under my terms.” Later on, he added, “Also thanks to TNA for allowing me to go for [the] Olympics. Impact Wrestling is the the Best, believe it or not! I have a long road. I’m humble but confident. This is all about proving that at [the age of] 43, I can still show I am a world Class competitor.”

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