Kurt Angle Denies Writing Tweets On Twitter After WrestleMania Last Night

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During WWE WrestleMania 27 last night, current TNA Wrestling star Kurt Angle criticized many WWE stars such as Michael Cole, Randy Orton and Jerry “The King” Lawler for stealing some of his maneuvers on the show. Angle, at the moment, was not happy and expressed himself on Twitter. However, since then, he has retracted his statements, saying that he didn’t write the tweets and that his account was “hacked”. Below are the latest tweets:

To anyone I upset, I am sorry. I didn’t watch W-mania last night. I DID get a lot of tweets during Show. About Orton, Swagger,etc.Who cares?,” Angle said. “I think the whole thing is Hilarious. How I upset all of U amazes me.I don’t read dirt sheets,but u heard they r upset.They’re ‘dirt’ sheets

I Hope that W-mania was entertaining for all of You, especially ‘The Rock’. Oh, and Orton-relax, I won’t beat ur ass. You can use my move:),” and “2 Randy Orton’s credit, I Heard He had the best match of the night. Good for You! Btw,I Never used Shamrock’s finish while he still wrestled,” and “There’s a big difference to using a Finish somebody did b4 U, and is doing while U still Wrestle. The fact is, I don’t care. Sorry everybody

Finally, he added, “Lastly,I just found out somebody hacked into my Twitter account.Most of those tweets weren’t from me.I just found out today. I will find out

3 Responses to “Kurt Angle Denies Writing Tweets On Twitter After WrestleMania Last Night”

  1. Jared says:

    Sure Kurt someone hacked your twitter. Why can’t celebrities ever just man up to their tweets. The second they get heat for anything controversial they automatically say their account was hacked. Nut up Kurt, say you tweeted it and move on. As for the ankle lock being “your hold”, does that mean no one can do the boston crab as long as Jericho is actively wrestling? Owen owed Brett something for using the sharpshooter? Come on Kurt you don’t own the move, how many people use the same finisher. Mick Foley used the ddt while Jake The Snake Roberts was still a wrestler. The Stone Cold Stunner was just a modified Diamond Cutter, and Stone Cold used it while DDP was still wrestling. Get over yourself.

  2. Brian says:

    I hate to bring up Chris Benoit’s name, but didn’t Kurt Angle start doing the triple German suplex when Benoit was still wrestling AND in the same company? Angle is flat out being a douche with this.

  3. Ellen says:

    I love how he won’t own up to what he said and then he goes and trys to do Randy’s RKO, but Kurt might wanna learn how to do it before he even attempts it again

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