Kurt Angle Wins TNA World Championship, Turns Heel On Sting?

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During tonight’s TNA Wrestling Hardcore Justice pay-per-view, the company made a slight tease of Kurt Angle turning heel. During his 15-minute bout with Sting, Hulk Hogan would come down the ramp and interfere while referee Brian Hebner was down and would go to attempt to attack Sting, who was lying down on the mat. From behind, Kurt Angle grabbed the chair from Hogan, as in the weeks building up to tonight’s PPV, Angle noted that he wanted a clean match.

As Sting was getting up, however, Angle would hit Sting in his back with the chair and hit the Angle slam and pinned him for the three count. Angle would then be declared the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Hulk Hogan and Angle simply then stared at each other as the PPV went off the air, teasing the viewing audience to tune in Thursday night to see why Angle decided to do what he did.

3 Responses to “Kurt Angle Wins TNA World Championship, Turns Heel On Sting?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is 100% leading up to a return of Hulkamania, hes not gonna like how Angle is representing the red white and blue, so its time to bring it back brother. I garentee it.

  2. Vazman says:

    TNA has to do something to keep the fans interested.  I’m not saying bringing back Hogan as a face is the answer but for God sakes, the shows lack of story creativity is killing me!

  3. Michael Renwick says:

    I have no idea what TNA management are doing i mean Kurt Angle is now comming out and blaiming former TNA President Dixie Carter for not telling him about Karen’s affair with TNA Vice President and Founder Jeff Jarrett brushing aside the fact it was Karen and Jeff who betrayed him and not Carter even thou i dont like her.

    And with this aparent heel turn from Angle and him aligning himself with TNA President Hulk Hogan and vowing to get rid of the younger talant in TNA which was what his charictor was all about the last time he was heel in 2008 with the Main Event Mafia so i can see Immortal being dispanded and Hogan and Bischoff forming a new stable with Angle simmiler to that of the Mafia where the legends try to rule TNA only this time they have all the power to make matches and do anything they like

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