Kurt Angle’s TNA Wrestling Contract Expires This Year

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TNA star Kurt Angle appeared on Canada’s The Fight Show on Thursday afternoon and revealed that his current deal with TNA expires in August.

This is consistent with Kevin Nash’s recent comments on ESPN radio earlier this week. Nash was asked whether he and Booker T returning to WWE could result in a new incarnation of the Main Event Mafia. Nash joked we could see it happen this summer, since Kurt Angle could be a free agent by then.

At this point, there have been no indications that WWE is interested in bringing Kurt Angle back. Angle has had favorable things to say about WWE in recent months, but he was having trouble keeping up with the WWE lifestyle back when he left several years ago and that would likely still be a big concern.

What do you think, WrestleHeat.com readers? Will Angle re-sign with TNA or is there a chance that he might sign with Vince McMahon? Remember, WWE was the company that initially let him go from the company because they felt he wasn’t very healthy, and they didn’t want to see him die in their hands. Leave a comment below!

3 Responses to “Kurt Angle’s TNA Wrestling Contract Expires This Year”

  1. Bob says:

    I don’t think he could handle the physical demands of it anymore, even if he would like to make that switch.

  2. Treestumps says:

    Kurt Angle isn’t happy with TNA and he is still on great terms with WWE I see Kurt Angle signing a GM Contract or Legends Contract…

  3. Isaiah Ray says:

    im a big fan of kurt angle nd i think he should go back with the WWE

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