The Late Eddie Guerrero Would Have Turned 44 Today

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The late Eddie Guerrero would have turned 44-years-old today.

On her Twitter account, Vickie Guerrero wrote, “Happy 44th Birthday, Eddie! I love you and you are missed! Thank you to everyone showing your love and respect for Eddie. My daughters and I are humbled and grateful. If Eddie was here today, he would have had a feast of all his fav foods. He always knew how to have fun and celebrate his bday!!!”

Meanwhile, Guerrero’s nephew, former WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero, wrote, “Today is Eddie’s birthday. 44yrs old. I miss him very much! I know many of u do too. Let’s celebrate in his honor! Missed but not forgotten! Eddie, As the best who said it…’VIVA LA RAZA!’ In honor of Eddie’s birthday, I’m gonna frogsplash the 1st person to piss me off today!”

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