Lawler Told To Lay Off Vickie Weight Jokes, Del Rio Update, JR To Appear On HBK’s Show

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Jim Ross will be hunting with Shawn Michaels on an upcoming episode of Shawn’s MacMillan River Adventures on the Outdoor Channel.

Jerry Lawler has apparently been told to lay off Vickie Guerrero when it comes to making jokes about her weight on RAW. That may or may not have had to do with the recent controversy surrounding Lisa Wright, the program director of the non-profit organization Council for Unity, who questioned WWE promoting their anti-bullying campaign, Be A Star, yet Lawler was poking fun of Vickie’s weight on television despite the obvious strides she has made to lose weight in recent months. Wright later retracted the statements and said they weren’t to be made public.

The WWE RAW brand is headed to Puerto Rico for a mini-tour. Officials are hoping that WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio will have his visa issues worked out in Mexico and be able to join them on this week’s events.


2 Responses to “Lawler Told To Lay Off Vickie Weight Jokes, Del Rio Update, JR To Appear On HBK’s Show”

  1. Spud says:

    Jerry, the last time I saw your name in print was in the 25 most OVERRATED wrestlers in the WWE. I’d say you’d fit easily into the same category in the announcer’s list should there ever be one!
    How dare you make jokes about Vickie’s weight? The lady has lost a ton of it and she is doing very well. Who are you to judge anyone anyway? Only a desperate, over the hill announcer would do that. Is that what they replaced your feud with Michael Cole with? How totally pathetic! 

  2. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    to me jerry lawler is as bad as michael cole,he’s a jerk.i have disliked him since he use to badmouth the real bad could they be if bischoff and vince picked up all of their stars and made profits off every last one.he sat his overweight,burger king crown wearing butt in the chair and badmouthed everyone in the ring.he was jealousy they had a career.he’s about as important as the bushwackers.he dissed guys that had more talent because his BOSS said to do it.jerry has never done anything worthwhile.he’s won plenty of titles…in companies that don’t matter or exist in the 21st century.he marries women young enough to be his daughter or grandaughter,which never last.i wonder why.duh.he kisses vince’s butt so much,but he’s never once been a champion of any kind in wwe or wwf.shane and stephanie have held belts.that shows how much vince appreciates him.he’s best known for having bret hart’s foot in his mouth.him and cole are jealous of anyone who has ever done one thing that meant something.he badmouthed otunga and mcgillicutty,at least vince saw fit to have them win belts…in the wwe.where is his.?

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