Lilian Garcia Returning To WWE Full-Time As SD! Announcer

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In a exclusive, there is a video up featuring Lilian Garcia backstage in Tampa, Florida. In the clip, it’s revealed that she is returning to the WWE full-time to announce on the SmackDown! brand. She last was with the company from 1999-2009 when she decided to leave the company to spend time with her new husband and work on her music career.

There’s no word where this leaves the current full-time announcer, Tony Chimel, however, in recent years he hasn’t been high on the totem pole in regards to announcing. A few years back when Garcia was announcing on RAW, Justin Roberts worked the now-defunct ECW on SyFy brand before he switched with Chimel. Chimel worked on ECW for several months at one point and only returned to the B-show after Garcia stepped down.