Linda Hogan Took 70%+ Of Hulk Hogan’s Wealth During Divorce Proceedings

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According to new court proceedings involving Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife, the terms of his divorce settlement with Linda Bollea have since come to light, including that at the time of the divorce, Hogan’s wealth was at $10.41 million, with Linda receiving 71% of it — 7.44 million. That left the current TNA Wrestling personality with the remaining $2.97 million.

In addition, Linda received all the proceeds from the sale of the family beach house in 2010. In December 2010, Hogan was ordered by a Pinnella circuit judge to pay his ex-wife $126,000 from Hogan’s company revenue last year, which comes from Hogan’s companies that manage his trademarks and other Hogan-related products. The current dispute between the two involves how to distribute her future payments heading into the future.

Attorneys for the wrestling legend believe that Hogan should only have to pay Linda a percentage based on the net revenue, not the gross. David Houston, who represents the lead attorney for Hogan, noted that the “matter is important because the payments will continue for years.”