Live Notes From WWE RAW: Triple H-Undertaker Stare Down, Cena Promo, More

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Thanks to site reader Chad Stafford for sending in the following notes from last night’s RAW tapings from Fresno, California:

Last night’s RAW in Fresno, CA was great. The arena was pretty much a sold out crowd.

Triple H’s return got the biggest pop of the night. Undertaker’s entrance was the only flaw I saw. He came out to early. I watched it when I got home. What you saw on there is what we saw.

I’m surprised by the John Cena promo at the start of the show. That was more of an. “Attitude Era” promo than “PG Era” promo. I’m also still surprised they are using the word “ass”. Cena had mix reaction from the crowd at the beginning of the show.

The crowd lost interest in the Miz/Cena vs. Corre match. I think it had to do with 3 heels & 1 face in the match. It was a huge surprise to see them win. When the match started, I looked at the time and knew something had to be wrong.

The Lawler & Cole interview was good. I did not expect Cole to bring Lawler’s mom into it. That got a lot of heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton got a huge pop before he made h is run in with Punk. Security was moving people out of the way when he came out and when Cole ran from Lawler neither had to jump the guard rail because they have it where could run through by where they keep the bell/time keeper.

All the matches were good. Good promos as well. Cena/Orton vs. Miz/Punk (Cole as ref) was a good dark match. I was wondering why Jerry and Josh stayed at the announcers table during the match. The reason was Jerry went into the ring and chased Cole out near the end. While Cole slipped away Jerry was able to pull the ref shirt off of Cole and while that was going on, in the ring Cena & Orton hit their finishers at the same time and did a double pin. The crowd left happy.

There were a few Punk chants where I was sitting (during his match on RAW). Kids, women and some guys loved Cena.

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