Live Notes From WWE RAW In Tulsa: Fans Shown Headline Of The Return Of The nWo

  • Share site contributor Tay Tay C attended the WWE RAW live show last night (8/29/11) from Tulsa, Oklahoma and sent in the following notes and spoilers from the RAW and Superstars shows and things we may have not seen on television last night.

First match in Tulsa is not clear if will be shown on Superstars or not but it featured Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley. A-RY wins via pinfall. The Jumbotron shows headline of the return of the nWo? hinting Kevin Nash is back.

Superstars Main event is John Morrison vs. R-Truth. Morrison is one of only two superstars with pyro for the night. Morrison attempts a flip style kick over the ring steps but misses only to connect another one to R-Truth. Truth however wins via pinfall.

RAW: HHH/Punk/Nash Promo as seen on TV.

Commercial Break when Orton enters ring: Zach Ryder comes out to film another long island Z episode because the internet champion can’t get on TV so why not let Orton be the person of the week. Orton RKOs Ryder.

Orton vs. Ziggler all the way to Divas match is as seen on TV.

After Divas match is a promo for the Stone Cold Steve Austin Story DVD scheduled to come out in NOV.

Mark Henry cuts a dark promo talking smack about how he took out Big Show & Kane. Also mentioning the wall around the ring and arena security were for the fans protection so he wouldn’t hurt us.

The main event was as on TV Christian/Henry vs. Sheamus/Cena with Cena getting the pinfall.

The live audience were not aware of HHH facing CM Punk at Night of Champions instead of Nash unless following the WWE on twitter such as myself.

Once WWE closed Raw off the air, Cena is celebration with Sheamus until R-Truth/Miz/Swagger/Ziggler run to the ring to attack til Orton helps Cena/Sheamus each of the 3 performing finishers.

The Scheduled Dark Main Event Match of a 3 threat for the WWE Championship (Del Rio/Cena/Punk) did not happen. In fact Del Rio was no where to be seen tonight.

Other notes: The only pyro for the evening was John Morrison on Superstars and Sin Cara on Raw. Kofi Kingston looked surprised his did not go off before the Title defense.

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