‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Dies: Will WWE Acknowledge Him On TV?

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Following news that “Macho Man” Randy Savage (real name Randall Mario Poffo) passed away early this morning in the Tampa, Florida area, I’ve received quite a bit of emails asking me if WWE will honor his career in the wrestling business by making light of the tragic situation on-air, like they have currently on WWE.com. WWE had the opportunity to slip in something during the SmackDown! airing on SyFy, but chose not to do so likely because the show has been edited and finalized for days now since the show was taped on Tuesday.

However, even though nothing aired tonight, and despite WWE CEO Vince McMahon not being very high on Savage in recent years, this does not mean they will not bring him up on TV either this weekend at their Over the Limit pay-per-view or RAW on Monday night. In recent years, WWE has tried to shy away from mentioning deaths of their former employees because of drug-related issues that would put the company and industry as a whole in a negative light, but because of the different circumstances of how Savage died, McMahon may end up budging and air an elaborate video package featuring Savage from his WWF and WCW video library.

Even though McMahon and Savage have not been close over the years, progress has been made recently with Savage agreeing to sign a deal with WWE to appear on Mattel’s line of action figures, as well as appearing on the WWE All-Stars game and actually cutting a promo to promote the THQ video game release. There is already many wrestling fans calling for Savage to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

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