Major Spoilers: The Reported WWE WrestleMania 27 Card w/9 Matches

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WWE as of late has been talking a lot backstage regarding the undercard for this year’s WrestleMania pay-per-view. Thus far, the company has announced the major matches: the WWE World Title match featuring John Cena vs the Miz, the World Title Match featuring Edge vs Alberto Del Rio, The Undertaker vs Triple H (although the rumored streak vs career stipulation has been ruled out as of now), CM Punk vs Randy Orton, and Michael Cole vs Jerry “The King” Lawler — basically matches that have been heavily hinted over the past few months that were going to take place at the biggest WWE show of the year.

As for the undercard, there is talk that a John Morrison, Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool match-up could be in the works in a six person tag team match, which would make sense considering that Kelly and Trish were involved in an angle with Layla and Michelle McCool at the Elimination Chamber, as well as an opportunity to put Morrison and Ziggler in a major match.

In addition, there are plans for an eight man tag match featuring the Corre members taking on the team of Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Christian. There were rumors that the Corre was going to face the Nexus, but as we mentioned previously here on, that has been ruled out right now as the Nexus is tied up with the Punk/Orton feud and will likely all be banned from appearing at the show.

Finally, Daniel Bryan is expected to face Sheamus for the United States Championship with Gail Kim in the corner of Bryan and the Bella in the corner of Sheamus, and finally, Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes with the possibility of Dusty Rhodes being involved in the match somehow.

Although there were talks of having a Money in the Bank match this year, as of right now, it doesn’t seem to be happening as the gimmick match now has its own pay-per-view later in the year and the feeling is that the match should be exclusive to the pay-per-view. Plus, the thought is if they are going to have the six person’s tag and the eight man tag match, it won’t be necessary.

We’d love to get your thoughts on the PPV card in general. To you, does it feel very WrestleMania-esque? Or is it missing something this year? You can leave a comment by scrolling below and letting us know your thoughts on the planned card for WrestleMania this year!

13 Responses to “Major Spoilers: The Reported WWE WrestleMania 27 Card w/9 Matches”

  1. Dereks says:

    They never should have made a MITB PPV. Now I won’t even get my favorite gimmick match in my favorite setting. I couldn’t care less about 6 and 8 man tags, as there is no real contest in it and they almost always end with insane amounts of interference. Not that tag matches aren’t fun, but when they take away the match that has made most of the memorable moments from previous ‘Manias and replace it with 6 and 8 man tags, something is very wrong here. What’s the point of a Sheamus match against anybody? With the way he’s being presented nobody will care. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the WWE give him Bryan’s title either. That would make absolutely no sense, which has been the way recently. Also, I am expecting the Rhodes/Mysterio match to also include a mask stipulation as well as Dusty but we’ll see. I refuse to pass judgement on ‘Mania til it’s over but it’s not looking good at this point in time.

  2. Brybillings says:

    Personally, I love MITB matches, but one at WM is not technically needed, so I see the benefits. As for the rest of the card, I’m not sure I like pairing Morrison and Ziggler with any women, since they’ll undoubtedly get a five minute frenzied match instead of a real wrestling match. In fact, I’m not entirely sure I need either guy on the card at all, not because they’re not good, but because the WWE has too many other situations that need to be played out right now, and neither Morrison nor Ziggler have stories going.

    The eight man tag sounds OK for a show opener, but it also feels like a lame attempt to work the Big Show and Kane onto the card. I’d rather see Kofi defending the IC belt against someone since he hasn’t done that in quite a while, and maybe let Kane and BS get back the tag titles. Overall, it sounds like what’s presented here is very similar to the lousy pre-attitude era WMs, like 12. Which is sad.

  3. Saira Ghazal says:

    Please tell me on which channel Wreselmania will be telecast live…………………………….

    Reply me on


  4. Mikejperry56 says:

    To be honest though, the tag matches are the only matches that no one likes. I don’t understand why they replace mitb with pointless 8 man tag matches. Get rid of those two matches and add big show with diesel vs the corre. And have a mitb ladder match, it’s awesome to have at ‘Mania. Seriously and have another diva tag match.

  5. David says:

    I don’t like the streak vs. career stipulation. Just have a regular match between Triple H and Taker. Triple H is too big of a star to have his career ended. I personally think the streak is going to end but if it doesn’t, I don’t think that forcing Triple H to retire is a very good idea.

  6. M Ruffel says:

    i think that the wrestlemania 27 match card should be
    Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry in a triple threat for the us title

    Kane and Big Show vs ezikel jackson and wade barret (corre)

    Kofi kingston vs finlay for the intercontinetal title

    Michael cole vs Jerry lawler the special reffs Jack Swagger and stone cold steve austin build this up more

    Scramble match with the rookies from last season whoever wins get’s wwe contract

    Randy orton vs CM punk in a stretcher match

    Michael Mcgillycutty and David Otunga (nexus) vs Vlamerella vs Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (corre)
    for the wwe tag team titles

    Undertaker vs Triple H no holds barred keep this as it is

    John cena vs Miz wwe championship keep it as it is

    John morrison and trish stratus vs michelle mccool and Dolph Ziggler

    Kelly Kelly vs Vickie Gurrero in bra and panties match if Vickie gurreruo loses she leaves wwe forever

    Edge vs Alberto Del Rio vs Christian vs Drew McIntyre fatal four way match for the world heavighwieht title

    • Derek says:

      With all of the hoopla that comes with WM, you’d never get that many matches, but i like the way you think. Your card looks a hell of a lot better than the predictable bullshit WWE is giving us.

    • Crivest says:

      damn that sounds like the best wrestlemania every good thinking maybe wwe should listen to us the fans a

  7. meister08 says:

    i want nexus vs the corre !!!! gabriel , slater , barret , jackson vs mason , otunga , harris , mcguluty. !!!!

  8. Crivest says:

    you know what screw wrestlemania now every year you wait to see the money in the bank match it gets u exited for the rest of the ppv and to repleace with tag match the screwed
    reply to me on your response

  9. Feecee1728 says:

    i think shawn micheals should be added to the hhh undedrtaker match

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