Maria Kanellis Responds To Reports Of Taking A Shot At The Bella Twins

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Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has responded to a report posted this week where she took a shot at current WWE Divas the Bella Twins on the RAW post-show.

“Afterbuzz for Raw on is a show about a show. We talk about story lines, wrestling, gossip, news, superstars, divas, fashion, and we have guests,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Are we funny? Yes. Do we make jokes? Of course. Is there inside info? Sure. Do we get nasty? Sometimes. All of my co-hosts have their own beliefs, style and personality. We have view points that differ. I was given a voice and I have strong beliefs. I don’t believe in authority or following a norm. I have sacrificed a lot because of my strong morals. But one thing I will never sacrifice is my values. I will not get ahead just because I play the game. Even though I know how. I will succeed on merit and talent. Or I will fail and failure is just another step towards success. Passion is my motivation….. Rock it.”