Mark Henry Rib Angle Continues On WWE TV (Spoiler), SmackDown! Attendance

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Coming off of the backstage rib played on Mark Henry at the WWE SmackDown! tapings last week, it has turned into a storyline as during WWE Superstars, set to air this Thursday, Henry came out for his match against Johnny Curtis. Curtis, however, would never come to the ring. The music of Vince McMahon would then play, but he would also not come out. Matt Striker then came to the ring and asked Henry why no one wants to come out to face him. Henry said “somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked” if someone does eventually come out.

Mike, our correspondent that attended the SmackDown! tapings last night at the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia said that he’s been going to WWE shows in Virginia and North Carolina for nearly 20 years and has never seen attendance as bad as he did last night — he projects that nearly 45% of the arena was tarped off during last night’s tapings.

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