Mark Henry On Winning The World Title, The Ring Collapse & More

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The injured Mark Henry recently conducted an interview with to promote Friday’s live event at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ where he talked about finally winning the World Title, his injuries over the years and more. Below are a few highlights:

Q. You waited a long time before you got one of those two main titles. What did finally winning the World Heavyweight Title mean to you?
To win the World Heavyweight Championship, of course there’s no comparison… It’s not about how long or how soon you do it, it’s the matter of that you’ve done it. The fact that I reached the pinnacle in the industry, it means a lot.

Q. You’ve had some brutal injuries over the years. Was there one that was most difficult to overcome?
The broken ankle was pretty bad, was pretty hard. The knee reconstruction on my right knee was the one that they thought would end my career, but I was able to fight through that as well.

Q. A couple months ago, you had that match with the Big Show where you flip him into the center of the ring and the entire ring collapses. What was that moment like for you?
It was definitely (a big) moment in my career. And not just my career, but in the history of sports entertainment… If they put it in a time capsule in 100 years, people will know that it happened.