Match At TNA Sacrifice Possibly Changed, Angle Being Shot For Tonight’s Show

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As noted earlier, TNA is playing out an angle on social media websites saying that Karen Jarrett hurt her ankle over the weekend, thus being unable to compete in her match tonight against Kurt Angle and the in-ring return of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. According to Jarrett, she stated that she injured her ankle when she fell at home. The following was posted on Facebook and Twitter to sell the injury: “Had a bad fall today!!! :( can’t hardly walk!!!” and “Due to my fall, not sure I will be up to having a match on Sunday at the PPV….”

Speaking of matches possibly being changed for tonight’s pay-per-view, the official Twitter page of the Live Audio Wrestling show said that they had contact with Scott Steiner over the weekend, and that he would not be able to attend tonight’s Sacrifice PPV to wrestle against Matt Morgan. The match is currently not on the official Sacrifice sub-site.

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