Matt Hardy Comments On DWI Arrest, Hints At WWE Return

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Matt Hardy made his first comments regarding his DWI arrest on Saturday on his Youtube page. “I took a breathalyzer immediately on the spot and it read clean, zero, nothing. Think about peeps! There’s more to this story than meets the eye. MATTHEW,” he said before shortly after deleting it.

When he was told by a subscriber to return to WWE, he said, “You are exactly right my lovely. It;s time for the original Matt Hardy to appear once again!”

4 Responses to “Matt Hardy Comments On DWI Arrest, Hints At WWE Return”

  1. Josh Ian says:

    so he leaves wwe cuz he isnt happy, joins tna, gets drunk and decides to join wwe again…  
    cuz wwe will re-hire him anytime?

  2. Hardyboyzfan says:

    ok Ive read this many times & I cant see where he hints at a WWE return.

  3. RVDrulz says:

    tna is a bit bad cuz every1 they hire is a former wwe superstar or diva

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