Matt Hardy Heat Over TNA Ratings Tweet, Isis the Amazon Update

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Isis the Amazon, the six foot nine woman who was to have appeared as the protégé of Vickie Guerrero on the third season of WWE’s NXT, wrestled a dark match against Florida independent women’s wrestler Leva Bates prior to last night’s TNA Impact taping in Orlando, Florida. Though her in-ring abilities are considered terrible, the feeling is that she will be used on television for at least the short-term.

Matt Hardy garnered some heat in the locker room for taking credit for the recent TNA Impact ratings spike coinciding with his arrival to the organization and being paired with his brother. He wrote on Twitter following the February 3 episode, which scored a strong 1.3 cable rating: “Hulkster & Jeff brought me in & the ratings keep growin-Coincidence?I think not! FACT! .. Dixie, u can thank ME & Jeff 4 the ratings jump-just saying.” After that comment, a company source was stated saying, “When guys do that, they bury themselves with the boys”.

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  1. Havok248 says:

    Mat Hardy is a tool. Always has been, always will be, and I hope that Styles beats the arrogance out of him…

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