Why Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy Haven’t Returned To TNA; Melina Heading To TNA?

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Regarding Jeff and Matt Hardy and why they have not returned to TNA Wrestling, the company has been pressing them to get rehab before they return to the company. So far, both have refused. It should be noted that Matt Hardy denied the claims on Twitter.

In an update on Melina possibly taking her services over to TNA once her 90-day no-compete clause with WWE ends, it looks like it may happen because of her close relationship with Bruce Prichard, former WWE employee, who now works as head of talent relations for the company. The Wrestling Observer notes that it depends on whether TNA is interested in her or other recently released stars debuting with the company.

4 Responses to “Why Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy Haven’t Returned To TNA; Melina Heading To TNA?”

  1. Liam says:

    god i hope not she would ruin the womens diversion and with the backstage morale being at an all time low this is the worst person you could sign from a personal issues standpoint with the women who i believe do get on and do support each other and do tell each other where they are going wrong but in a nice constructive way melina will cause riffs and confrontations between the girls and that is not good she likes to be horrible to people she will complain to management about why am i not at bound for glory and trish is and shes tag teaming with my man oh why dont sign just go away melina 

  2. The Kelce says:

    I hope TNA is ready for some unnecessary drama backstage.  

  3. bout fucking time she went. wwe basically screwed her, but i think she wanted to leave, so idk who to believe. tna will be just right for her i think. anyway i really dont care for jeff or matt, their starting to be a “lost cause” in not just tna or wwe, just wrestling in general.

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