Matt Hardy Speaks Out On Health & TNA, Wrestler Claims TNA Bounced His Check

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Jimmy Yang, who worked as Jimmy Wang Yang in WWE years back, is claiming on Twitter than when he recently competed at an Impact Wrestling taping on June 30th and wasn’t paid by the company until nearly over a month later. He also claims that check that he received bounced and that he’s still waiting. He wrote, “It has been over 6 weeks since i wrestles for tna and i still havent been paid and the check that they sent me 2 weeks ago bounced WTF!!!!!”

Regarding rumors that both Matt and Jeff Hardy were not allowed to return to TNA until they entered rehab, which turned out to be a false rumor, Hardy took to his Twitter to talk about his health as well as TNA.

“The time off from Impact Wrestling has been a blessing in disguise-it’s allowed me enough time at home to physically & mentally heal & completely clean up my life. It was needed,” he wrote. “I feel great, & the old Matt Hardy feels alive & fresh! And BTW, rumors will always circulate.. But I know the real deal about myself & Jeff when I look in the mirror, & I’m ecstatic about where we’re both at. Thanks to everyone who has always supported me-you guys are amazing & I love ya!”

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