Matt Hardy Uploads Apparent Suicide Video

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Former WWE and TNA Wrestling talent uploaded a worrisome Youtube video today titled “Goodbye” and many are believing that it could be an apparent suicide note. Although with Matt Hardy, you never really know as it could be just his latest way of garnering attention. In the past, he has admitted that he has used social media to get attention of sites like this. Below are the words to the message:

“Goodbye, World … My time here is. Almost complete … I only have a few Hours & minutes … I loved you all … Regardless of how. You felt about me… I’ll miss you all. September 23, 1974 – August 31,2011” Just about 40 minutes ago, he also wrote on his Twitter feed, “Goodbye.”

I urge anyone that has contact to Matt Hardy to immediately contact police and report the matter. While Hardy has a tendency to take things overboard, an apparent suicide video/note is certainly not a joking matter. Below is the video:

UPDATE: It seems like it was all a hoax. Follow-up report.

2 Responses to “Matt Hardy Uploads Apparent Suicide Video”

  1. Lol says:

    He’s fat

  2. Bboronda says:

    matt’s sister in law said that matt posted it as a joke and that matts just trying to get attention

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