New Matt Hardy Video: ‘My Days As A Professional Wrestler Are Gone’

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Matt Hardy is back with a new video – explaining what he meant by his “GOODBYE” video and says he cannot perform as a fulltime wrestler anymore. Matt apologizes for people misunderstanding his message and says he knows how serious of an issue suicide is. Here’s the video, titled, “Apologies, Reflections and Decisions:

One Response to “New Matt Hardy Video: ‘My Days As A Professional Wrestler Are Gone’”

  1. ltrainxpress says:

    He obviously has many issues that he needs to take care of.  These rants about finding peace, being in a great places, and finally the series of videos clearly show a person who is not in control of anything.  Its as though he just says these things to try and convince himself he is okay when he is not.  I saw Matt and Jeff win the tag team titles for the first time in Fayetteville, NC in June 1999 and now 12 years later they are far from where they were.  We have seen this all too much though over the years from guys who were our favorites when we were 14 or 15.

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