Matt Hardy’s Next Court Date Revealed, TNA’s Eric Bischoff Calls Fan A ‘Mark’

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— Matt Hardy, who is still be held at the Moore County jail in North Carolina under a $1 million bond has been set to appear in court on November 28th for a misdemeanor violation of a court order due to allegedly drinking while in rehab. Hardy is widely expected to do some jail time and will stay in jail until his court date on Nov. 28th.

— TNA Wrestling producer/personality Eric Bischoff published the following statement on Twitter regarding online critics and his son Garett: “If online critics were as smart as they like to think. They wouldn’t STILL be spelling Garett’s name wrong after all this time.”

A user on the site responded, “Nobody cares about the Garett angle, which is probably why no-one spells it properly. Nepotism rides again. #DavidFlair” The TNA head wrote back, “Hmm…that would explain the consistently high ratings for it. MARK.”