Matt Morgan Talks John Morrison Coming To TNA, His Contract, Going Back To WWE

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In a recent series of question and answer responses on his Twitter account, TNA Wrestling star Matt Morgan revealed that he has two more years left in his contract with the company. When he was asked about possibly jumping ship to WWE again he said, “Happy where I’m at. Biz changes so often though,that’s why u keep options open.” When he was pressed again later about if he had thought about returning to WWE, he wrote, “Yes. But I’m ecstatic where I am now,so…I’m good.”

Morrison also answered a question about the possibility of recently released WWE star John Morrison coming to TNA. He noted that Morrison is one of his best friends and he’d accept him in the company. He also noted that he DVRs every show from every company, and noted that Kevin Nash and Mr. Anderson are his personal best friends within the industry.