Melina Addresses WWE Firing On Twitter

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Melina wrote the following about her WWE release on Twitter today: “Feel free to Tweet, write, call @WWE about how u feel about anything. You deserve to be heard regarding any matter. Strength in numbers. I love you all so dearly and reading all of your tweets. Seeing the trend… I know w/out a doubt, I’m a lucky woman! In the next few days you will see many updates on the matter, so keep checking I will definitely Blog & Vlog about it. I’ve been through quite a bit of stuff in my life. I Overcame each time. I’ll never give up. Not now. I’ll Always fight & #StayStrong

Melina also sent a Tweet to John Morrison in response to his heartfelt reaction to her release: “@TheRealMorrison U just made me cry. I love you so much. I’m very proud of what u have accomplished & to have u as the love of my life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is my voice being heard, maybe if you shut your legs once and a while you would have a job still?

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