Melina Not Allowed To Enter Arena During RAW Last Night

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There was apparently an incident at last night’s RAW taping in San Jose, California where former WWE Diva Melina wanted to enter the arena along with her boyfriend John Morrison, but she was not allowed to enter, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. That was later confirmed by her tweet that she posted.

WWE is reportedly upset that she traveled along with Morrison at the weekend’s live events when she was fired just days before. Melina noted that she planned to attend the events with Morrison before she was fired and did just that. Since she wasn’t allowed to enter the building on RAW, she hung out with fans outside the arena.

5 Responses to “Melina Not Allowed To Enter Arena During RAW Last Night”

  1. Eli Boley says:

    Maybe that’s why they completely buried Morrison last night…

    So sad, I genuinely think Morrison has the potential to be a Main-eventer. But the guy can never seem to catch a break……

  2. Johnnywyt says:

    Long Long overdued for Morrison.The modern day “J-hardy” like kind of wrestler to me right now in WWE.The “Mizz”?can do it…I think anytime soon for Morrison and i hope so…

  3. Melina was one of the hottest divas on Raw. WWE is sucking more and more

  4. Anonmyous says:

    The WWE is as fake as diva Kaitlyns boobs.

  5. jim says:

    i only tuned in to wwe in hopes of catching melina or gail kim…won’t have to bother any more…thanks.
    i can’t be the only guy who watches wrestling strictly for the ladies it’s time someone with money did womans wrestling up right. hello spike, tnt anybody!!!

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