Melina Gives Update On John Morrison’s Status, WWE To Tape TV In Mexico

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WWE, which is returning home from Mexico to the United States today, announced over the past couple of days that they will be returning to Mexico later this year on October 15 and October 16 to tape episodes of USA Network’s RAW and SyFy’s SmackDown!. They held a press release with all the major stars that were touring the country to hype the event. You can view the photos of the event at

WWE Diva Melina has given an updated status on the injury of John Morrison in a new blog entry on her website The following is an excerpt: “This is the first serious injury and surgery for John in the WWE. I feel so awful seeing him go through this. I’m so proud of how strong he is being and how he always tries to be in high spirits even though I know he is hurting. The first week after surgery is the most painful. He hates not helping out and carrying his own weight. He stubbornly tries to do little things and I understand that I can’t baby him but I worry. I want to do everything for him so he can just rest.

“I have taken him on mini walks so he can get out of the house… he can’t stay out for very long because he starts to ache. I wish I could do more. During the day he has to sit, but he can’t sit for long because his neck starts to hurt… then he can’t stand for too long either because the same thing happens. His body gets tired because its hard for him to rest. At night he wakes up every few hours and gets out of bed because his neck is sore. For some reason he thinks I sleep through him bumping into stuff in the dark, on his way to the kitchen. He says coconut gelato is the only thing that makes his neck feel better at 5am.”

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