Melina Responds To Beth Phoenix Taking ‘Splits’ Shot

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Beth Phoenix was apparently scripted to take a shot at recently released WWE Diva Melina during her promo tonight on Raw in which she said she was sick of the Divas division being made a mockery of. “No more booty popping, no more splits, no more stink faces,” Beth said following her victory over Eve.

Melina wrote on Twitter, “PS- Any Diva can try 2 do a split from here on out but what the WWE confirmed is that the SPLITS will always remind the world of me. Thank u. She continued, “I love the statement peeps! I bet the powers that be were waiting all night 2 hear that line go on air. Hee hee. I find it very flattering!”

One Response to “Melina Responds To Beth Phoenix Taking ‘Splits’ Shot”

  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    i’ll miss melina’s splits.she was a beautiful woman and great wrestler.wwe doesn’t care about women wrestlers.they use them as valets and eye candy.melina & gail kim = who else will get fired?

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