Melina: WWE Should Be Blamed For Killing John Morrison’s Career

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Following Monday’s Raw in which John Morrison was defeated by Christian in approximately a minute and subsequently assaulted by Dolph Ziggler, Christian and Jack Swagger, a man wrote to Melina on Twitter accusing her of killing his WWE career.

He wrote, “Will you stand trial for killing your bf’s career? #prayforJoMo.”

The former WWE Diva responded via private message, “The WWE did it. I never did anything but stand by him through thick & thin. We should all be so lucky as to have someone like that in our lives.

“John worked his ass off and did EVERYTHING he was told. The blame shouldn’t be put on me. Blame the WWE.”

As reported earlier, many internally believe that Morrison will soon part ways with WWE. Company personnel speculated to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer that while Morrison has not upset management, he, like Drew McIntyre, is paying the price for his significant other’s actions.

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis made similar allegations during last week’s Raw discussion show for after co-host Lilian Garcia pondered why McIntyre and Morrison are not receiving greater pushes.

Maria said of McIntyre, “I have a feeling he’s paid for someone else’s sins, problems, because Drew’s really good. I’d love to see him do more stuff, but it’s unfortunate that that happens.”

Maria then said of Morrison, “I think it’s a lot of complications of outside stuff. I think that a lot of times they go with who’s going to be there, who’s always going to be there, who’s going to be the easiest. He’s very easy and I love him to pieces, but I think it’s outside complications. I think that’s why.”

4 Responses to “Melina: WWE Should Be Blamed For Killing John Morrison’s Career”

  1. Hpnotoad says:

    These guys never learn.  Its a story we see so much in wrestling; someone let’s their relationship ruin their career.  I suppose maybe it shows that love is the strongest thing of all, but how many wrestler/wrestler relationships have ever gone well?  Remember Jerry Lawler and The Kat, Triple H and Chyna, Savage and Elizabeth?  Morrison is going down that Lawler/Kat route which is thinking that he is standing-up for Melina and foolishly throwing his career away.  Lawler already hit his peak when he did that, but has Morrison? 

  2. well i feel bad for McIntyre. hes a great talent and deserves much better, but oh well. but melina can shut her trap, she probably is the one who killed morrison’s wwe career, although i should be thanking her for that. john morrison is an ok wrestler (and thats being nice) has no charisma and has the WORST mic skills in wwe. i might be one of the only ones, but im happy morrison is probably leaving.

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