Michael Cole vs Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Confirmed For WWE WrestleMania 27

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Michael Cole, who was announced as the ‘voice of the WWE’ made his way down to the ring after a commercial break, and confronts Jerry “The King” Lawler. Cole tells Lawler that he wants to do it man to man and face to face. He wants to do this eye to eye. He tells Jerry to get off his fat antiquated butt right now. Jerry gets up from the new announce table and Cole reminds Jerry that he cannot strike him or he will be fired.

Cole says that he looked at the edict from the General Manager. If Lawler strikes Cole, he is fired. Cole asks Lawler if he thought he was intimidated last week. Did Lawler think that he was going to cower from his Wrestlemania Challenge. There is no one on this Earth with more guts than him. Cole says that he never backs down from a fight. Cole says that his answer to Lawler’s challenge is no. That is unless Lawler accepts two conditions. The first condition is that his trainer can be in his corner at Wrestlemania. The second condition is that he gets to choose the special guest referee for the match.

Jerry takes the mic and he tells Cole Sore that he doesn’t care if Cole has the Dark Knight, King Kong, Saba Simba, and Superman with him because the answer is that he is on. Cole says that they have their match and he is a little too happy. Cole decides to introduce his trainer. He says that he is a former World Champion, Jack Swagger. Swagger gets in Lawler’s face and Cole pushes Lawler but Cole can’t get fired for touching Lawler.

Cole slaps Lawler and Lawler goes after Cole, but Swagger stops Lawler and he puts Lawler in the ankle lock.

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