Mick Foley Being Advertised For RAW In Boston Again, Barry Windham Health Update

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http://wrestleheat.com/wp-admin/media-upload.php?type=image&tab=library&post_id=12003&post_mime_type=&s=mick&m=0#After the official website of Boston’s TD Garden removed Mick Foley’s name from the advertising of the November 14th broadcast of RAW local advertisements in the area now note that Mick Foley will be appearing on the show as a special guest referee. That will be the night that The Rock returns to the show, too.

In a health update on Barry Windham, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had the following to say on his Twitter account: “Talked to Mike Rotunda today here in Atlanta, and he said Barry Windham was improving from heart attack and liver issues. Still hospitalized.”

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