Mick Foley Comments On Working With Hulk Hogan In TNA

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Since our report came out last night that Mick Foley is likely to sever ties with TNA Wrestling, the former WWE star has taken to Twitter to talk about leaving the company and some of his favorite moments while working there. As we mentioned yesterday, regarding leaving the company, he said, “I pushed hard for changes I felt would benefit Impact Wrestling. I can understand how some would interpret that as difficult to work with. I like everyone at @ImpactWrestling – we just had some major differences of opinion. I wish them all well…for real.”

He also said that while he had creative differences with the company in the latter portion of his time there, he really enjoyed working with Hulk Hogan. “I bet I can give you a personal highlight of my short-lived return to Impact/TNA that no one will ever guess. Want to try,” he said. “OK, so before I tell you one of my favorite parts of returning to TNA, remember, I don’t work there, so I have NO reason to make this up. One of my favorite parts of returning to @impactwrestling was getting to know @hulkhogan4real a little bit. I’m completely serious. Yes, @ironbound36 – I do personally like @HulkHogan4Real, and got a rush out of the in-ring segments we did together, especially the first.”

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