Mick Foley Defends John Cena, Says He Has ‘Amazing Matches’

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Mick Foley, clearly a big fan of John Cena, made several comments about him while RAW was airing. Below are some things Foley had to say about the former WWE Champion:

“I really enjoyed the angry, serious tone of @johncena . Might be about time more fans started recognizing his legacy of amazing matches. Sorry to disagree with so many of you, but go through your archives and look at how many good/great/amazing matches @johncena has had on PPV. You may not like the character, but @JohnCena is a workhorse, and hasn’t been in a bad PPV (that I’ve seen) in a long time. He CAN wrestle!

“Come on, someone find me a bad @johncena PPV. He’s been a part of classic stuff with regularity for years. It’s NOT just the opponents guys. Look, I was clearly more of an @WWE fan even when I was with TNA. I just call them like I see them…and I see Cena favorably. I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone. I’ll grant you that his last Mania wasn’t great, but his match with @therock will be. Good conversation, everyone. Remember when @johncena wrestled 10 minutes with Orton AFTER tearing his pec off the bone? THAT is HEART!”

Shortly afterward, the former TNA Wrestling star posted a blog entry titled “Why is Mick a Mark for Cena”:

“Perhaps the match with the Miz didn’t live up to the hype. I didn’t see the match with R Truth, but if many of you believe it didn’t deliver, I’ll take you at your word. But Cena has delivered great matches with regularity for far longer than most people realize, or are willing to give him credit for.

“I understand the knock that he’s had great opponents. I just don’t agree with it. EVERY World Champion of the modern era has had great opponents to work with. In my opinion, Cena’s lasting legacy of good to great matches with all of the top superstars of the modern WWE era is worthy of praise – even from those who find his character to be dull or in need of a turn.

“Quick, who was Bobby Lashley’s best match with? John Cena. Was Bobby carrying Cena then. Remember the shockingly watchable match Cena had with Great Khali? Come on, admit it – it was pretty good. Add great matches with Edge, Triple H, Kurt, etc, etc, etc, on up to the last two classics with Punk, and you are looking at one mighty underrated wrestler.

“But the main reason Mick is a mark for Cena is because he is a man who treats EVERY wrestler on the card with equal respect. You may not think he’s a great wrestler. Fine. I disagree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He IS, however, a great man. Respect!”

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