Mick Foley To Tour The UK At The Same Time WWE Does

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Mick Foley issued a press release Tuesday, announcing that he will be touring the United Kingdom in November for a comedy tour. The tour, coincidentally — or maybe not — takes place at the same time WWE goes on tour in the UK. The dates are as following: Manchester on November 9, Nottingham on March 10, Newcastle Upon Tyne on November 11, and London November 12.

“I am enormously excited and relieved about my upcoming comedy tour. Excited about the prospect of telling stories, hearing laughter and fielding questions from some of my most loyal and dedicated fans. Relieved that I finally have a real answer to the one of the two questions I’m most frequently asked: when are you coming back to the UK? As far as that other question, about returning to WWE, I guess we’ll have to wait and see,” Foley said in the release.

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