Mickie James Gets $9.5K, TNA Gets Reprimanded In Germany, More

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The dark match before Tuesday night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings saw independent wrestlers clash as Jesus Barbosa defeated Jason Cypress.

As noted before, Mickie James is using Kickstarter.com so fans can help fund her next country music album. Mickie is giving away prizes and other perks to those who donate. As of this writing, she has raised $9,591, beating her original goal of $5,000. Mickie has had 3 fans donate $10 or more, 63 fans donate $25 or more, 2 fans donate $50 or more, 13 fans donate $75 or more, 6 fans donate $100 or more, 19 fans donate $200 or more and 1 fan donate $2,500 or more.

TNA Impact Wrestling was recently cited in Germany by The Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media for broadcasting violations. The commission decreed that aspects of the show make it unsuitable for minors and will have to air after 11pm and before 6am. They said that the level of violence on TNA’s TV show exceeds what is acceptable in the pro wrestling genre.

One Response to “Mickie James Gets $9.5K, TNA Gets Reprimanded In Germany, More”

  1. Acethestraight says:

    Yeah Mickie James girl you go at it, rock it on! My favorite female wrestler of the IMPACT ZONE. No disrespect to the likes of the other females of TNA but Mickie is the top dog of IMPACT but of you got cough cough Christy Hemme. I mean she is hot & nice but she has no talent of wrestling what so ever. I mean look at her, Christy is soft, she was never fully commited to become a wrestler, & thats why Christy has thrown out her gear wear to the trash & is a backstage interviewer & ring announcer which she’s better at doing than wrestling. That being the reason why Mickie James is better than Christy Hemme in action cause she wins championships for a reason, THE TALENT OF ACTION!!

    Again to Mick the chick, CONGRATS!

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