What You Didn’t See Monday During WWE RAW Tapings From OKC

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The Superstars Rally was in the arena’s underground parking lot until the Superstars taping started, then the Rally moved to the picnic table outside.

Other pre opening notes: HHH bus is the Chaperone Bus.

Highly hyped to be one of the ones who didn’t walk out: The Big Show was in the arena, spotted in the parking lot before doors opened however never made an appearance inside the arena for a match/promo cut.

Dark Match was Brodus Clay Vs. Local. Clay won via pinfall.

Superstars Matches: Santino vs. JTG, and Santino via pinfall

Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley. Riley won via pinfall.

At the end of the match, Raw was scheduled to air in just 4 minutes. During the ring change into Raw, McIntyre is leaving the ramp speaking on behalf of those who just wrestled saying as long as HHH is in charge, then they were not wrestling, so good night.

Raw Matches & Notes.
No one came to the ring, just camera crew is on standby.

The arena crowd never saw any part of the walkout rally.

Everything is the same as shown on TV except the following:

Even Bourne needed help from the ref & Kofi in walking after the 6 man tag match.

Dark Preview for the new Stone Cold DVD coming out Nov 29th.

The commercial break in between Rio entering the ring & the match. Cole came into the ring to thank the fans for the support & attempts to lead the fans in a “hey hey hey, goodbye” song chant to Jim Ross. The fans boo, Cole continues the song til he sits back down, then Ricardo takes over in Spanish version.

The commercial break in between Miz & Truth return & the Tag match, Punk speaks about how no one in the back, in the arena or around the world misses Miz/Truth. He also says Miz/Truth can’t rap, sing, nor wrestle, which is fine as Punk quotes: “This isn’t a wrestling match, this is me kicking your ass match”

The arena did not see the Vengence tag match announcement at the end of the main event.

After the show, Miz/Truth come back down the ramp saying HHH ruined their moment, so they will bring the fight to them. As soon as they enter the ring, Miz gets a Pedigree & Truth gets the Sleeper.

They rolled out the ring, HHH brings the Miz back into the ring. While he is doing that, Punk does a mini “Ric Flair woo Walk,(no Woo)” Miz get a sleeper from Punk.

End of Show.

Other notes: Compared to the Raw in March of 09 (A few weeks before Bret Hart & HBK Final WM [WM26], which featured Hart/McMahon agreeing to a match, HHH telling HBK he is in a league of his own, & DX final match. OKC Raw in 09 = sold out. OKC Raw 2011 = 3rd bowl closed & several scattered empty seats especially on the side the cameras were on.

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