More Backstage Details On Rey Mysterio Wanting To Leave WWE

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The most recent situation with Rey Mysterio looking to get out of WWE dates back to early February when he asked WWE’s John Laurinaitis for his release. Rey was told it could be discussed later but he went around Laurinaitis and straight to Vince McMahon. Vince denied the request and Rey threatened to retire. Rey has worked something out with WWE for WrestleMania 27 and the recent promotion tour in Mexico. One source feels that things with WWE and Rey will smooth over like they have in the past.

It’s said that things between Rey and Vince haven’t been right for a long time. Rey has been offered a role on several movies for kids in Mexico which would be good money for him. It’s believed Rey won’t be able to film those movies as his character without WWE’s permission.

Sin Cara factors into all of this as when things really started becoming worrisome with Mysterio, officials started pursuing Cara more aggressively. At last word, Cara was set to debut on the SmackDown brand soon.

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  1. IEddaddy says:

    Rey mysterio confirmed on twitter that he’s not retiring and rumors are false.

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