More Jeff Hardy News: Described As A ‘Mess’ At Victory Road

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Jeff Hardy was described as being a “mess” in the hours that led up to his main event match with Sting at Sunday’s Victory Road pay-per-view event. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion had to be be held as he made his way from outside the Impact! Zone to the staging area behind the entrance curtain. His behavior at the “gorilla position” combined with the manner in which he stumbled during his ring entrance caused management to call an audible mere minutes before the match. Eric Bischoff delivered instructions to both grapplers while cutting his promo and the bout last approximately ninety seconds.

Hardy was not on hand for this week’s iMPACT! tapings because management instructed him to go home Monday. While his pack of defenders cited travel fatigue for his more offbeat than usual behavior at the Final Resolution pay-per-view event in December, they have yet to issue a defense for his behavior on Sunday.

Jeff Hardy’s court hearing yesterday in Moore County, North Carolina resulted in another continuance due to the district attorney’s office waiting on evidence from the State Bureau of Investigation. Hardy has told friends that his legal team has developed a new strategy and that he hopes to have the situation put to rest soon.

2 Responses to “More Jeff Hardy News: Described As A ‘Mess’ At Victory Road”

  1. hardy fan says:

    jeff if you see this paige witch you more than likely wont please get yourself to rehab i dont want to see you wind up like some other wwe/tna stars i respect you we all make mistakes do this for the fans we all love and suport you and i know matt loves you think of him please just take care of w/e happend get back to tna and dont fuck up ur better than that i know that you can do it we all do there will never be another you please do it for the fans ask sting for help he can help u trust him

    • Derek says:

      It is very nice of you to be concerned for Hardy. You won’t find me candy-coating this entire situation though. Hardy made a series of decisions that all conspired to where he is now. While I do hope he finds the help he needs, the fact remains that he acted like an amateur in a professional situation. If you showed up in a professional situation in an altered state, do you think you would deserve a job still? Do you think that after numerous mistakes, anyone deserves a 5th chance? Hardy caused all of his own problems. The world of wrestling doesn’t need another tragedy and if they keep enabling him, he will have better opportunities to destroy himself. Fire his ass and send him to rehab. You can be the most exciting wrestler in the world but if you can’t perform when the time comes, you don’t deserve the job.

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