More Live Notes From The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Below are more live notes from last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, thanks to Ashley:

* John Cena was booed big time every mention of his name or when his video aired. The negative reaction to Cena was worse than anything on RAW in recent memory. Drew Carey also had major heat for most of his speech.

* There was no countdown clocks showing like last year so it was a nice touch not having time restricted speeches.

* Road Dogg did some of his old promo and they noted that their brother Steve Armstrong couldn’t be there but Brad and WWE ref Scott were.

* Drew McIntyre was wearing a kilt.

* Layla and Michelle McCool were just horrible inducting Sunny.

* Ric Flair got a huge reaction but was never mentioned or shown on the screen. Shawn Michaels referenced Flair in his speech but said he couldn’t mention the name.

* It was awesome to see Lex Luger. He was walking with some help from a man that was with him.

WWE Hall of Fame photos: Shawn Michaels being inducted by Triple H (with appearances by the Kliq – Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman & Kevin Nash), Drew Carey, and Sunny with the WWE Divas, and more!

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