More On The Rock’s Return, Bill DeMott/Tough Enough, Miss USA

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– People close to The Rock noted that while many may have thought that he was just out cutting another promo during his return to RAW, it meant a lot more than that to him. Rock’s mother Ata Johnson said: “I was so proud of him. It was emotional to me, as his music hit and he appeared. It was flashbacks through the past, through three generations in the business we’ve loved throughout. By the time he hit that ring and took that mic and I saw the goose bumps on his arms, I knew he was in it. The connection between him and the fans was incredible. Like he had never left.

– Someone close to WWE Tough Enough expects the show to be used as a way to introduce Miss USA Rima Fakih as a babyface and have her ready as a star when or if she makes her WWE roster debut after the show ends. Fakih is a wrestling fan and has a legitimate interest in being a WWE Diva. Many expect WWE to capitalize on that.

– Bill DeMott’s return to WWE for Tough Enough came as a surprise because it was a big deal when he was fired a few years back as a trainer in WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling for allegedly being too tough on students. For the new Tough Enough, they did a shoot before the season started with California independent wrestlers to teach the film crew how to shoot wrestling matches, since they never have before. DeMott and Tom Prichard were part of the instructional crew for that shoot.

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