More On Triple H & The Undertaker’s WWE Returns

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The Undertaker made his return tonight on RAW from Fresno, California, the man behind the 2-21-11 vignettes.

Triple H also made his return tonight, interrupting The Undertaker’s return. Triple H and The Undertaker came face to face in the ring, before looking up at the WrestleMania sign. Taker laughed at Triple H and walked off, before turning back around and “cutting his throat” to Triple H. Triple H responded with a crotch chop and that was it before a commercial break. After the break, Michael Cole informally announced that the two would meet each other in six weeks, so it seems to be confirmed that the two will face each other in less than six weeks.

3 Responses to “More On Triple H & The Undertaker’s WWE Returns”

  1. I would have preferred anyone other than HHH but I guess. Oh well. This should be a good match though.

    • AcesJD says:

      This was yet another surprising disappointment. I am pissed right off…I am not buying Wrestlemania 27 although I was going too, I am not wasting 70 bucks for these shit matches. First of All Cena buried the Rock in the opening segment, that PISSED me off. Good luck with the rest of the Year, WWE! Your ratings are going to plummet hard this year, and it is because of your creative’s Laziness. No Rock, No Sting, just HHH. Hell Taker couldn’t even come out again to attack The Corre considering they were there! I been waiting all month for this 2/21/11 and had high expectations yet nothing but Taker and HHH! Well WWE, you just lost another viewer.

      • Derek says:

        unfortunately thats the trend the creating. i hate cena but at least he wrestles, rock acts like he was back last week and he wont do so much as 1 match. F*** the Rock! or should i say Dwayne?

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