John Morrison Temporarily Re-Signs w/WWE But Is He TNA Wrestling Bound?

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Many people have speculated over whether John Morrison is really looking to leave WWE once his contract comes to an end soon. Fueling that speculation was Morrison’s surprise win over Dolph Ziggler two weeks ago on RAW before he ultimately lost in their rematch last night at the Survivor Series.

According to various sources, however, McMahon decided to make the decision to put Morrison over in that RAW match by himself as a way of “mixing things up,” according to a source. The feeling backstage is that McMahon didn’t want things on television to be predictable by Morrison losing all his matches on the way out the door, but wanted to shock critics and who assumed that Morrison was leaving the company and leave them with doubt, which is what happened.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the original contract of Morrison has already ended and he is now reportedly signed a temporary extension until the end of the month.

It should be noted that it is heavily assumed backstage that once he’s done with WWE, he will be heading to TNA Wrestling along with his real-life girlfriend Melina. We reported earlier that Melina was reportedly told by Morrison not to head to TNA and to instead wait until he’s done with WWE so they can head there together.

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