News On John Cena/CM Punk RAW Poll, JR Addresses Announcer Problems, Mick Foley

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Regarding the poll that had last night during RAW about who is the true WWE Champion, Joey Styles said the following in a tweet: “I’ve been monitoring the voting all night and @CMPunk and @JohnCena were deadlocked at 50/50 for quite a while tonight.” The actual results that WWE showed was 54% for John Cena and 46% for CM Punk.

Mick Foley said the following on Twitter following being namedropped by CM Punk during last night’s show: “I’m suddenly a big deal to my younger kids – thanks Punk!”

Jim Ross posted the following tweet regarding the announcing on RAW Monday: “Thanks to all that tuned into Raw tonite. Sorry that I let the bickering get the better of me a time or two. I’ll be back nx wk in San Jose.”

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